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Palmer Todd Uses Technology to Create A Custom Living Space

What do your smart phone and your home environment have in common? As it turns out more than you might think. Imagine personal technology, such as your smart phone or tablet, as the remote control to the command center for your living space. You control the features of your home through devices you use every day. Whether for convenience, security, saving money or just for fun, your home can respond at the touch of a button. Sounds interesting, right? Let us explain.


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Grow! 2014 Offers Interior Designers Extended Education In A Fun Atmosphere

Grow! 2014 is a one-stop shop for interior designers to complete their continuing education requirements for both TBAE and ASID.

The event takes place April 15 - 17 at the Dallas Design Center (opening course as Dallas Green Design).  Courses are available a la carte with a fee of $25 per hour of instruction (with exception to the iPad for Design Pros workshops).  Availability is limited, so advance registration is recommended, although registration on-site is often acceptable.


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Banks Fine Art Makes A Huge Announcement And Enters A New Era

Banks Fine Art has been a leading art dealer in the Dallas area for over 35 years. Bob and Maloree Banks have funnelled their passion and expertise in fine art into a successful and influential business that has served the cultural landscape of North Texas in a myriad of ways. Today, they are making a huge announcement, which we will share in their own words:

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Aria Stone Gallery Turns Natural Stone Into Works Of Art

Aria Stone Gallery opened in the Dallas Design District last summer, and offers a selection of the finest stone slabs from around the globe, displayed in a museum-like atmosphere. Owner Vinny Tavares came up with the concept of stone as art, and the idea of hanging slabs on the walls in a high-end setting rather than on a-frames in a warehouse has made the gallery unique.

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J. Douglas Design Spotlights Furniture Designer Marge Carson

With spectacular designs, the perfect blend of custom fabrics, finishes and trims, and an eye for the smallest of details, Marge Carson sets the standard for distinction and practicality in interior design. Marge Carson has been delighting retail and to-the-trade customers with beautiful furniture and accessories since 1947.


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At Glasshouse, Collaborations Make a Big Impact

Glasshouse loves working with talented designers such as Sherry Hayslip of Hayslip Design Associates in Dallas. Sherry created the sandblasted glass design, which beautifully complements this antique firescreen.


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The Tale of the Lost and Broken Bavarian Plates


3 of the set of six plates.

From left to right: original, restored, recreated

Running a small business can be challenging, but fortunately for Brown Mountain owner Laura Pate and her staff, the work they undertake rewards them daily. Often they restore or conserve a piece of such beauty, rendered with such skill that it takes their breath away. There are times when it is more about the person who brings in the piece, their attachment to the piece and the joy it brings to have it restored to them. Sometimes they work on projects of great historical interest. The ultimate reward is the project that encompasses all of these challenges at once. This is the story of such a project.

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Custom Cowhide Rugs: Unique and Chic

Designers at Interior Resources are creating some of the hottest floor coverings in Dallas— custom cowhide rugs.

As one of the most durable natural rugs in the market, clients may custom order any size cowhide rug from a variety of colors and patterns to complement their space.


 {Project by Amy Gibbs Design}

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Doors That Slide and Pivot, Now FOLD!

With sliding door innovations from Hawa Americas Inc., just one hand is all it takes to make a complete cabinet front disappear for space-saving sake. 

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Banks Fine Art presents Les Monuments Et Jardins Parisiens Exhibit

April 3rd through June 28th, 2014

Oh là là, we have done it again! Come experience the beauty of Paris — from its urban jungle to its green belts and illustrious monuments — through distinguishable pieces of work by Eugene Clary, Fredrick Humbert, Jacques Bouyssou, Charles Levier, Vincent, Antoine Blanchard, Constantin Kluge, Shigeru Wakayama, and most notably, “the Parisian Poet of Painting,” Édouard-Leon Cortès.

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