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The Difference Between Custom, Manufactured and Stock Cabinets

Curb Appeal Renovation custom kitchen and cabinetry

Whether it is for a remodeled space or newly constructed home, custom cabinets are becoming one of the first amenities to do when upgrading a kitchen. The market of custom cabinetry is vast and Robin Burrill, of Curb Appeal Renovations, clarifies the differences between them all.

Semi-custom cabinets are made to order and are made by a manufacturer. Even though there are restrictions on size increments, semi-custom cabinets are much more flexible and you can mix and match your finishes the way you see fit.

Stock cabinets, usually made by a manufacture, are cabinets that are pulled off of someone’s shelf and come in incriminates of 3” and fillers are used. Meaning, if you have a space that is 38” long, you are only going to be able to fill it with 36” worth of cabinets and the rest will have to be filled with a filler strip.

Curb Appeal Renovations custom sink custom bathroom remodeling

Custom-made cabinets are made to order as well, but are fully customizable. The labor source can be from a talented city craftsman or a popular manufacturing company. The way you choose a cabinet maker is up to you but there are important things to consider to before you commit: the number of years they have been in business, samples of product they have made and the warranty of the cabinets since some independent companies only allow a several year warranty while others offer a lifetime. Another factor to consider is to ask who is going to finish your cabinets.

When choosing your cabinets you need to know what type of features and benefits you are getting. Most local custom shops have to charge upgrades for different wood species, and so do some big manufacturers. Although some custom manufacturers include this feature as a standard, be cognizant that some do not.
Adjustable shelving units, spice pullouts, and big drawers that accommodate several dividers to organize kitchen tools are all popular features that custom cabinetry makers are providing.

Drawer glides are vital features that are put on the underside of your drawers. Without them, only ¾ of the drawer would open or it would frequently get stuck. Curb Appeal Renovations stresses that ¾” full dove tailed wood construction box drawers and stainless steel drawers are far more beneficial than nail wood or plywood drawers. Many times, companies charge extra for silencing or softening the sound of drawers when they close.

Kitchen custom drawer Curb Appeal Renovation

So much can go into cabinetry that the chosen manufacture becomes one of the most important choices in the process: wood styles, style finishes, drawer style, cabinet style and even customized features are all elements you must trust the manufacter to do. Custom cabinets and drawers are amenities that are constructed for a lifetime and can not only improve the look of your kitchen, but also elevate its functionality.

Curb Appeal Renovations Inc in Keller, TX brings their client's dreams to life through their vast knowledge of aesthetics, space planning, design resources, interior design and their collaboration with professional tradesmen and artisans.

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