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The Importance of Buying Local

Cadence Credenza / Photo courtesy of VERVANO

Are you a "locavore"? According to Ally Maxey, studio director, Laura Britt Design and VERVANO, this is the new, much beloved term coined among some designers. In a nutshell, you qualify for this endearing category when showing some love to local (in the U.S.) designers and artists by buying or selling their craft.

This expression was birthed from the Made in America movement, and there are three essential reasons why you want to be a part of it: shipping, quality control and sustainability.

For instance, this Cadence Credenza by VERVANO is built just a few miles from their corporate office in Austin. This eliminates the overseas carbon footprint; and it allows you to shop locally for necessary tools and supplies.

“With a focus on our fine builders, we incorporate a low VOC water based finish on the Cadence Credenza, virtually eliminating off-gassing and maintaining good air quality on our manufacturing floor,” says Maxey. “The hardwoods and veneers utilized in its construction are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and all of our adhesives are formaldehyde free.”

The production facility and technology used to build the Cadence Credenza is energy efficient and allows VERVANO to reduce waste without compromising quality or the ability to highlight the natural beauty of our offerings.

Due to these efforts by local artists to implement different techniques and materials in attempts to stay green, the value of the piece is actually enhanced. The mortis-tenon joinery and design of the Cadence Credenza gives it an heirloom quality, which you won’t find at your local furniture bargain store or warehouse. This kind of craftsmanship makes for a safe bet that it’s not likely to show up in your garage sale three years from now.


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